Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Heya blog. Sorry i havent posted for a little while. Ive been busy with CatPiano. haha it feels very strange to be a 2d animator, but its such a rewarding job. Unfortunately because ive been so busy i havent got much time for drawing, except for moleskine studies, which i cant do even if im exhausted. these are just a couple from the last week or two. Hopefully i'll be able to post a few more soon :)

Oh and Ed posted these drawings on the Cat Piano Blog a couple of days ago so i assume they are fine to share. They are some sketches i sent PRA just before i arrived to show that I'd been practicing. You can see the whole set on their blog, along with some example animation Ari did. He's an animation machine!


Leath said...

Hey Alex. Must be pretty awesome rockin up to work at PRA everyday. jealous.

BTW, the guy smack in the middle of your second moleskin page is awesome. The others are great but my aye just kept coming back to him.

good luck on the film!

Makoto said...


Nice work man.

Anonymous said...

I love the sketches man, so loose and beautiful, awesome that you post heaps too, keep doing it cause they do get looked at.

what is PRA??

Emily said...

the cats are great alex... really love them... i have a cold too btw... you know what im like when im sick... ill call you when im more friendly and finish my story... anyway super nice work!