Monday, April 13, 2009


Heya blog,

So I got some positive feedback from the guys about this design. I can imagine that im going to develop it further over next little while. I really have to talk to the guys a some more.
Once again, would love to hear what you think.



Liam said...

I love this design dude... it's great... are they crab claws?

Leath said...

I didn't see crab claws until just then! I reckon It's great man - I like how it's kinda ambiguous.

Have you tried fooling around with some extra colour? Like a wash over it or something? Seems like you haven't been as bold as usual with your rad colours. By choice?

Emily said...

I think it is bird beaks snapping at each other... I likey. suits their style as you described it to me... but modern! appealing! semi permanent even ... hehe

Anonymous said...

I gotta say I thought it was bird beaks to Ill go and have a look for teh grab claws now- love it tho, you always come up with original designs, its awesome

Alex Grigg said...

hey cheers guys. Im glad you like it! It is actually 2 birds. I drew this skull bird thing, and then superimposed some halftone parts of a tiger photo over the top (like the crazy eye). Itd be sweet to do some more of that kinda thing.

Leath, im not sure about the colours yet. i spoke to the guys the other night briefly, and they didnt seem over the moon about the design, so i guess ill revise it.

Sarasarasarato said...

Birds! I was going to guess pterodactyl skulls, but you see how the ambiguity keeps people guessing - Which is awesome. All these designs are killer. :)