Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Website, Sketch, Inspiration!!!

Hey! I made a website!!! JOYBOX:art and craft with alex grigg hahaaha ive been putting it off for years, because i had no idea how to do it. I bit the bullet and made one though. and it makes me happy to have a portfolio i can control completely, and present in the way I want!

ive been playing around with ink over the last week or two. Pretty fun, white ink isnt all I imagined it would be though. This is quick ink drawing, with some colours...

Also there are a couple of sites i think everybody should read every day forever. Motionographer- Ive only just started regularly reading this bad boy, and im kicking myself for not starting earlier. Everything great in animation and moving image. Totally inspiring.There is a link on the side bar----->>>
A couple of quick links that really stood out to me- dvein.com probably on of the coolest companies ive seen.
Also a short film called Onwards, sponsored by nike. Amazing. It looks like it might be mocap, would be amazing. because its such a stylised character. If its not mocap, thats probably just as great! because its some simply brilliant character animation.
The other site I think is great, CartoonBrew. both of these sites are pretty big, and you probably read them already.
Hope you are well



Emily said...

You are building up a really nice style alex... you have a good design sense...
I'm quite confused to how you put this one together... so its ink on paper? and then u brought it in and put it on orange and added colours? Did you use like some more of that "mesh" sort of brush that you have been using lately in photoshop? whats going on? how did u do it hehe
anyway I like this one alot!

Amanda said...

Nice work on the site Alex. And yes, Brew and Motionographer are great :3

Wong Xue Sen said...

Hey Alex, you have such cool website and good sense of style and drawing too.

Please add me on you friend list, don't be so mean to me! Wuhuhuhuuu(T.T)

Anyway, good luck to Annecy.