Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Animation. Jump!

Heya blog!

so ive been working on some 3d stuff for my reel. very slowly. This animation was started because the dialog shot i was working on was too overwhelming. the plan was to work on the dialog shot, and then when i was bored of it i could work on this one, instead of mindlessly staring at random things on the Internet. needless to say, this didnt work. i just worked on the easier and more instantly gratifying shot. and the dialog shot sits in blocking phase.

On the plus side. this shot was fun. It started off being a simple jump, but that was mega boring and acting is more fun. so now its a jump, and run and fun little droid.
This is the first pass, so i would love some crits on it. anything and everything would be amazing!



PS, to answer emily's question from the last post- the girl was drawn in black ink, over red colerase. Scanned, the red lines removed, then turned into a colour half tone, comped over the top of the scan and coloured. I wish there was an easier way to get good halftone effects in photoshop, rather than downgrading the image mode. if anybody knows one (apart from the simple filter) i would love to know :)


Leath said...

Hey man,

that's wicked! The acting's really cool - nice little subtlties.

If u wanna go further, the only areas I can really think of are, perhaps his little foot shuffle before he jumps (bit quick and flickery maybe?). The other part which is really cool but i reckon u could emphasise more is the way his body turns and then his head comes later - I like that bit.

It all looks great - by my eye, it's pretty much finished. But I guess it's the extra 10% that people like me can't see that makes the pro's go 'wow.'

I reckon you should go for the wow cause u got the shit.

Ryan said...


the acting is nice bud.

im not an animator obviously, so salt is needed.

but the first thing i saw was you need to push the arch of his back during the jump a little more, and offset those arms when theyre straight up in the air. I feel like he should also look down a little before he jumps to kind of gauge the distance. I also like the little look back over his shoulder, but like leath said it nees a little more pop. and maybe push it a bit later in his run; only a little.

Wong Xue Sen said...

Yo Alex,

The acting is great. I like the "take" part.

I reckon he should trip a bit when he lands cos he's kind of in rush and doesn't expect something is chasing him. Well, it's just my opinion.

Anyway, Great job!