Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tea Towel Designs for Little Scout

Heya blog,

A couple of weeks ago I was asked by the very cute kids in Little Scout to do a tea towel design for them.
Between starting my new job and finding a place to live I made these two ideas.
The first one won out. We might use the second for a gig poster or something later on.

I had a lot of fun making these, hope you like.

Love A.


Makoto said...

Hey Alex!

I think these are cute :D

I can really see the first one as a tea towel :)

But I really like the second one so I hope they do something with it! Actually, this one would have made a cute one of a kind tea towel!

Hope it's going well in Melbs!

Jase said...

Looks awesome!

I like the second one too, would be awesome prints.

Liam said...

Sweet designage man... did u do any more?

Emily said...

I would love both of them to be made into teatowels!
I love them both. I want copies of the teatowels... I'll even start supporting little scout just because they have such awesome teatowels...
Also I still dont understand how you get these textures and things happening. You're very clever Alex Grigg.

Sarasarasarato said...

Dudelorean! I love the flying boy design. It's a fresh direction. That's a towel I'd be happy to bury my face in every morning.

Vive Petite Scout.

Emily said...

still really love these! Really love the style!~!!