Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cat Piano Hits the Internetssss

Heya blog,

You can now officially stop bootlegging your copies of the Cat Piano and start watching the Hi Fidelity Official version on Vimeo.

If you arent familiar with the kids who worked on it, please check out the blogs of fellow cat kids Makoto Koji, Benni "D" Drake, Jason Pamment, Leath Mattner, and of course the People's Republic of Animation website.

Work has been pretty much consuming every waking moment for the last month so I havent got much new work to share with you. soo I thought I'd share some of the things that have been inspiring me lately (just to make sure this blog keeps kicking yo.)

Music Vid for NewZealand badboys of punk/indie/pop- The Mint Chicks

Animal Collective
. My newest musical obsession. These guys have released what is easily one of my favourite albums of the year- Merriweather Post Pavilion. Its been on loop on my stereo for the last month or so.

An unofficial music video for super tight band Grizzly Bear, created by Gabe Askew

A simply wonderful short student film by Lois Van Baarie

Off the Planet cool Video Created for Drawing Black Chalks by NitroCorpz

Also music related, a great double album I picked up this weekend- Dark Was the Night. Completely amazing, crammed with some of the most interesting american artists around at the moment. Listen to a few tracks HERE. And the official website-HERE

not enuff for you? check out yayayeveryday for a stream of uberwicked inspiration.
Last and unfortunately least is a little doodle i did tonight. Inspired by the Australian super kids Dappeled Cities




Leath said...


Ahhhh..... I sat down over an hour ago to check my email and I finally just got to the end of your post. If I had more time I would keep searching.

Super inspirational Alex. That Gabe fella is something else and I like your lil sketch at the end too. Looks as though you were pondering over Cat Piano maybe?

Emily said...

Really love this guy! great design!