Monday, September 28, 2009

Train Sketches

Hi Blog,

Soooo as I mentioned in my last post, work is really sapping my time so I dont have a lot of time for personal work. The main drawing time i get at the moment is on the short train ride to and from the studio.

These are a couple of the sketches Ive done on trains of commuters in the few months since I've moved to Melbourne. All about 30seconds to three minutes. Hopefully I'll be able to share something more substantial with you soon!

oh and thank you to everybody who's checked out Cat Piano on vimeo. Its got an amazing response, something that I know all the crew is very excited about. it got over 100thousand views in its first 10days and has been featured on a number of very cool sites. Another cyber hi-five to the architects Ari Gibson, Eddie White, Makoto Koji and Jason Pamment for making everything happen :)
Love Alex

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Joe Blaxland said...

Crikey Alex, loving your work.