Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Everybody's Got A Screwface.

So I'm not really sure what song that line is from, or if I even like it. But its been in my head for a couple of days.
This is a drawing inspired by/studying a photo from Facehunter. (pretty similar idea to that keyface drawing right?)

Im back in Adelaide again after spending the Christmas holidays is Queensland with friends and family. It was so much fun to catch up with everybody. My doctor might tell me it was too much fun.

Drawings? Im not really sure what to think about where my drawing is going these days. It feels all over the place. I actually managed to leave my usual sketchbook in Brisbane, so I've cracked out a spare. It was where was doing a few scribbles for various illustration gigs (You can actually see some old DZ drawings on the side of the page below). Its a nice book, but none of the drawings in it are coveted. I think it might have been a blessing leaving my old one in Briz. Its nice having something new to play around in. Ive been using the same kind of sketch book since i was 14.
The one below was largely done while watching Lost Boys for the first time. Holy shit. How amazing is that movie?! The sketch on the right was a quick study done for an upcoming illustration job through PRA ...hopefully more on that after its done...if i dont mess it up :)

And some life drawings. Moving Targets. Adelaide and Brisbane.

Hope you're all well :)




Emily said...

I really like all of these sketches alot. They DO seem really fresh. Like the PRA sketch too :) looks like its gonna be good! :) Love the colours you have used too really pretty/vibrant/nice!!
I am trying to find a way to VAMP up my artwork atm... havent been in it for months!!! Just dont know what to draw or feel like drawing :( Bluh!
Love your work, it's beautiful!

Leath said...

Hey man.

I looked at the first pic on here for quite a while - did you use watercolour on it or was the colour done in post? Either way it suits just right.

Also - super awesome reclining pose down the bottom right.

And I AM well - thanks bud. Hope you are too :P