Monday, February 1, 2010

Yiros Stickup.

Heya Blog,

So I was taking a few shots over the weekend, and decided that they might be more interesting with people in them. Would love to play with idea some more.

I've also been messing around with water colour a bit as well. Super fun. I still have no idea how to use them properly though.

I was reading about this amazing photographer the other day called Ryan McGinley. His photos are phenomenal. Take some time if you have it, to look through his work.

Hope you're all well!




Leath said...

love the stick up man. Great idea.
More please :P

The photo link is pretty amazing too - just wasted way too much time staring.

Makoto said...

Hey Alex!

Nice one!! :) The photos is really nice too. I love how you have incorporated such an "adelaide" thing in your artwork :D

I finished~! Yaaaaaaay~!!
relaxing now :D


Love this Alex! The kebab shooting is great! Your water colour is cool too. Really love your photo and drawing though!!! Keep coming back to look at it!

Ben Leon said...

hey mate thats a really cool bit of intergration in teh photo, I love it. carefull with those water colours or acrylics or whatever, you'll get hooked!! I am! and I dont do anything else now!!

Sarasarasarato said...

You skillful son of a gun, Alex, that Yiros photo is awesome. The water colour guy gives me a Simon Pegg vibe, love it.