Monday, February 22, 2010


Heya Blog,

So I mentioned in a previous post that Im not sure where my sketch book drawings are going at the moment. They seem so radically different to what I was drawing a year ago, and its really hard to tell if Im regressing.

Ive been thinking about it for the last couple of days, and I guess the more I work professionally the more my sketches move away my norm. I'm thinking that a lot of my drawings in recent years have been geared towards getting me work in the animation industry, so maybe as a become more confident in my professional work my drawings are more focused on things I like, rather than things I think employers might like... I dunno...if you are a potential employer I still care what you think!

And some actual sketchbook pages-

I was inspired by my good friend Benjamin Drake head down to the museum on Sunday and do a study or two. This was about 20 minutes i guess, its a life size bronze statue, but it was so poorly signed that all I can tell you is that it was made in 1935. I need to do more stuff like this!

Cafe Sketches-

on a side note, I would like to share with you my two favourite Animation Artist Blogs. I've had them on my side bar for a while, but they are a regular read and constant inspiration for me so I thought I'd give them a mention-
Tekkoman- Amazingly talented Animation Designer and probably a complete pervert.
Nick Sung- Story artist at Pixar. I love his drawings, but I am in awe of his perspective of the world.
Hope you are all well :)


Leath said...


Definitely no regression in my opinion. And your colours are still the bomb.

often a little jealous of your sketchbook to...

Liam said...

These are some prized possessions you have here Alex "Mr. Bombastic" Grigg. You've inspired me to go get some watercolours and now i've added that Tekkonman guy to my blog list. That study of the bronze statue - magnifique. As usual you have proven to be a worthy wealth of knowledge and a lethal adversary. Take it easy buddy.

Emily Nelson said...

Alex - no regression I just see trying out some different styles! It'd be boring if you did the SAME thing all of the time. I like your 3 red ones in the middle especially.
Take good care!
(p.s Liam I love your hilarity)

Sarasarasarato said...


Humbled by your words, mano. There's so much to learn in copying masters. As you get deep into the study you find yourself retracing the artist's original steps, travelling back through time and space to re-live the artist's creative experiences, at least in part.

If anything man your work is getting sharper and sharper. I always get ideas from your designs. I've never forgotten The Beaks.