Monday, March 15, 2010

Smirnoff Black Room- Essence of Black

Hi blog,
So this is a segment of the Illustration/Animation project I did as part of the Smirnoff Black Room event. I think it might be a bit weird out of context... The picture was rear projected onto a stretched 1.7m canvas, animated so each stroke of the picture was drawn one at a time. The picture below isnt actually from the finished piece but it kinda shows part of the process that the reveals (??) itself. Drawing the circle in the final image had about twelve thousand strokes. If I get the files from PRA I will hopefully be able to share the whole thing.
A couple of photos I took from the event.

A shout out to Pei Wu and Brodie McCrossin who also contributed work to PRA's submission.

Lotsa Love


Leath said...

Hey man,
I really like the process pic at the bottom too.
It'd look sweet framed and on my wall.

Noelle said...

you are so freaking talented.