Sunday, May 2, 2010

Little Scout Poster and some Photos

Hi Blog

I was asked by my friends Little Scout to do a poster for their upcoming headline show in brisbane. I messed around with a few new ideas but in the end we decided to recycle an unused idea i did for them a while ago. I made it look prettier tho :)
This is the final design we went with.

And this is another idea i quickly sketched up for them. We were originally hoping to be able to screenprint the posters by hand, but the plan fell through at the end.
Also in other little scout news, I finally have a photo of the Tea Towels I designed for them last year

I know I mentioned earlier that I didnt want to turn this into a happy snap blog but I've been using a new camera lately and really enjoying it. Its a camera that I got a few months ago. It was my fathers when he was my age. I feel extremely lucky to be using it :)If you're interested you can check out some more here.

Hope you are all well!



Tyson Murphy said...

these are great, your work is really fun!

Amy said...

Alex! Dig the photos.
Help a sista out and put me in your super best friends list.
I will if you will....

the garden harlot said...

everything looks a pinch better with nature behind it. grass !