Sunday, July 18, 2010

SOOO much! DZ promo work, Game Art Direction, and Illustrations

My buddies DZ asked me to help out with some art for their upcoming Single Launch. I did about a million ideas but these are the two that we went with in the end. The first is the tour poster design (sans text), and the second is the single sleeve. You can hear the single hereThe guys have had a pretty massive 12 months. National Tours, much acclaim, EP releases ect. To give you an idea of what they are like, this is their last music video- Teeth'. Its pretty fantastic.

A personal illustration -

I spent the last few weeks helping out my friend Bill Northcott and studio I Love Biscuits with an up coming game release. Bill has produced some really successful flash games off his own back and with the amazing organisation/programming power of Biscuits things came together quite quickly.
I was asked to define the art direction and design the backgrounds and props. Bill took care of the character work and animation.
These are a few examples of frames from the very long back ground. (in game all layers paralax)

And these are a layout of some of the props that I designed
And last but not least- These are a few illustration/doodles that I played around with between projects as well

Anyway, thats a slice of what I've been up to in my downtime! Would love to hear some feed back on it, so let me know what you think :)

Hopeyoure all well


Liam said...

Man, every time i check back (not as often as i should) ur stuff just keeps getting better n better!!!

Love these posters n those are some of the freakin' juiciest backgrounds i could sink my teeth into, were i a design n colour fastidious hungry monster!!

joven said...

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