Friday, August 13, 2010

SlangBang / New Tshirts / Splendour 2010

Heya blog
So a few months ago I started this Tshirt design, but only just got around to finishing it. Im not sure what the guys are going to be able to afford but hopefully they will be able to get both variations printed. I love the idea of having a story between two shirts.
Oh and this is the finished poster design for DZ's Upcoming tour. Typography isnt my strength, so its a shame that so much text got added to the brief after I designed it. I think it still turned out ok, there are a few hierarchy issues though. Next one will be better :)
On a more personal front, I just took a few weeks off to spend with friends and family in Queensland. Was really great to catch up with everybody!
Part of the trip involved a 4 Day camping adventure at Splendour in the Grass. Seriously one of the best weekends ever. Great weather, finest of company and so much music to lose your mind to. Musical highlights included- The Strokes, SUCH a phenomenal set from one of the bands that defined the last decade. Wall to wall hits. The Vines, Ive never seen these guys before and I know creatively they are a bit passed it. They were however THE band that changed my musical taste when I was 14 and in turn had a massive influence on my creative course. They have a terrible rep live which is why I've avoided them until now, but their splendour set was off the planet. LCD Sound System - Im so sad that I only started listening to LCD in the last 12 months, especially because they are breaking up after this tour. Their set at Splendour was a total party. James Murphy has to be one of the smartest guys in music. Yeasayer- Probably one of my favourite modern bands. They played plenty of old songs, which I loved but probably caught some people off guard. The build up of energy through their set was bliss. Passion Pit- This was just a crazy 30thousand person dance party. Some of the most surreal crowd participation I've ever seen- Everybody in the Amphitheatre stage making spazzy arm movements in the air creating a fleshy writhing pit of humanity for minutes at a time. Pixies- It was really good to see these guys after being mildly obsessed with them for years. Their set closed the festival, and while it didnt quite have the energy that some of the previous musicians did its hard to fault PIXIES. Definitely was a great way to end the festival.
Steve and Liam wait with us to get into the wine bar.
Laura Marling

Passion/Flesh Pit


Sarasarasarato said...

Iskender al-Grigg, your gig posters give my eyes the horn, if I may say so.

Liam said...

Bravo Mr. Grigglesworth, couldn't have said it better myself (so i'll refer ppl to ur blog :P)! Dz shirt designs i could make out with and the gig poster is on fire!