Sunday, September 5, 2010

Leaving that door open has let the cold in.

I think for a lot of people art is emotional communication. I've never really felt that way about my work. I look at drawing from a pretty rational standpoint and have a real problem with converting emotions into images or words.
The last 12 months has seen some pretty big ups and downs. You know, pretty standard human stuff. Nothing outrageous. But I do think I've got a lot of nervous energy, which looking back through my blog and sketchbooks has inevitably seeped in to my drawings. Im not sure how I feel about it. I dont think it's too obvious so maybe its ok. If my work starts to look sappy and a little bit "Year 12 art class" let me know ok? I cant think of anything worse.

Um anyway, the drawing above was something that came about while I was thinking of ways to redesign my website. I dont think it's right for that, but i still like it as an idea.

Some train/airport sketches
Oh! and my very talented friend Emily Nelson has just unvailed her new site. Its gorgeous, you should check it out!!!!
Hope you are well.


Leath said...

love the sketches Alex. You get a real feel for the context they were drawn in.

On the art=emotion stuff.
I find just about everything I put up is a result of something else in the world that has inspired me. I think a bit of influence from your subconscious is a good thing but it's the way that it is turned into the final product that's important. Perhaps that's the difference between documentation and art, even if it is accidental.

Sarasarasarato said...

Hey man, you're letting it all seep through steathily, like a winged snow leopard:

'Ars est celare artem.'
'The art is to hide the art.'

The few times in my life I was in genuine emotional turmoil produced some of what I might call my best drawings.

Love the coffin-man, and your sketches are superlative as always.

Hail to your skills, noble flying snowbeast.

Emily Nelson said...

aw thanks for the mention! Love your "Giant" :)