Monday, September 27, 2010

Fruit Salad.

Hiya blog,
So this post is a real mish mash of things, clearing out a stack of files I've been meaning to post. Sketchbook stuff, lifedrawings and designs. The drawing above is almost what I look like. Its for my website, which I will hopefully be updating this week :)
Ink sketch inspired by American Movie-

Recently I took the plunge and started doing real life drawing again. You can probably tell by looking at my drawings Im not very comfortable with lifedrawing. I'm not sure why, but I've always found it particularly hard.That said Im really enjoying it. Its a very different atmosphere to university classes. Its actually almost relaxing.
These are some 5 and 10 minute poses.
Some character development stuff I'm doing with a friend.
I also went to my first Dr Sketchies last weekend. To be honest, it was a let down. I think most Sketchies are run by artists, but Adelaide's one seems to be run by burlesque performers. Its fine, but there is very little emphasis put on the art side. I found it really hard to draw because we were constantly given strange rules for the drawing, and the models would casually move around and talk mid pose... this is the only drawing worth looking at ....
Sketch book stuff-
And a few moleskine observation pages from last week.

This last page was for notes at this years Semi-Permanent. You can read my full rundown of the event over at Ozanimate.
Hopefully I'll be able to share some new 2d animation with you in the next month. Part of a personal project I've been working on. Fingers crossed I get to finish it:)
Hope you are all well!

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Leath said...

Awesome post Alex.
I love your situational drawings.