Monday, June 20, 2011

Its been busy

20 minute Vivian Maier study.
The last 5 or 6 month have been really busy. In a good way... but it feels like the manic rush of colliding jobs is finally coming to an end. Or maybe a better way to describe it- I'm hittin the breaks a bit. Limiting the amount and type of work I'm accepting, and hopefully getting to focus on the projects I feel most strongly about. More on that in the coming months.

These are a few little pieces from my hard drive to clear out the cob webs. The guys from Tiger Choir asked if I could help record some of their set while they were supporting the drums around Australia. It was a fun exercise. There are a lot of things I'd do differently next time, so Im looking forward to doing it again when I have some time. Editing spontaneous stuff like this can be a tricky for me, its like putting together an intricate puzzle, but often the pieces you need arent there. Im guessing the more experience I get the more I'll collect the pieces I need when I need them.
A couple of sketch book pages from the weekend-

Oh and contrary to my opening statement about work, Im moving to Sydney for a couple of months to work on what looks like a pretty hectic project. Its all part of my master plan though. Stay tuned!


Phil Willis said...

Word on the street was you were moving to Sydney.

See you when you get here.


Alex Grigg said...

Haha, theres a word on the street? Cheers phil, looking forward to it :)