Monday, June 27, 2011

Strutten Show. Lino Cut Prints

I mentioned recently that I'd been invited to take part in Strutten Launch Party exhibition.
Now that the show is all wrapped up I thought I'd share the work I sent them, as well as some thoughts on the process. These are Lino Cut prints, hand pressed on German etching paper.

This was my first gallery show (excluding that Smirnoff thing I did in sydney last year, because that was more of a Marketing/commission thing). I've written a long winded explanation, and then deleted it because I think I can summarise my feelings on it all by saying that - it was a mixture of failure and success.

Im not totally stoked on the final designs, the wolf one is the only one that really converted from my concept. The second two lost a lot during the making of them, and even then the concepts weren't that strong. It was fun to get away from the computer though, and get some ink and blood on my hands. It was also pretty fun seeing if I could make Lino Cutting look fresh and get away from that usual aesthetic.

Congrats to the crew at strutten, who managed to pack 300 kids into the gallery. Keep an eye on them! They are super good at what they do.

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Emily Nelson said...

absolutely love them! I have been hanging out for this blog post!